Planter Bags for trees and hedges

Our range of Treeplanta container bags have been designed specifically for the commercial tree-grower to meet today’s demand for immediately-available stock for large landscape projects.

There is a great competitive advantage in having container-grown stock instantly available in large quantities, at any time, compared with field-grown stock requiring laborious digging and root-balling – and only available at certain times of the year.

Treeplanta Range

Hedgeplanta Bags

Benefits of Treeplanta Bags

Produced from tough, woven UV-stabilised polypropylene, these planter bags are double-laminated for rigidity, enabling speedy potting. They have a number of advantages over plastic and other types of rigid containers:

✓ Price competitive, especially in the larger sizes.

✓ Low, squat design for stability

✓ Integrated handles for easy manual or fork-truck handling.

✓ Pre-drilled air and drainage holes in the sides and base to promote strong root growth

✓ Fabric material precludes the damage to stock which often results from the abrasive hard edges of rigid containers during transportation

✓ Supplied flat packed in bales – much more compact to store, lighter to handle and easier to dispose of.

Bespoke sizes, colours and branding can be produced to customers specific requirements – Contact us on 01432 263598 for a quote